Dallas Construction Loans

GenWealth’s construction loans are designed for almost any construction project or development. We understand the commercial construction industry and its need for special financing that covers potentially unexpected issues in real estate development projects. We provide support and financial security for construction loans in the Dallas area.

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Dallas Construction Financing

Whether it’s an office building, industrial building, or retail center, predictable cash flow from construction financing is the heartbeat of any income-producing property project. Our financing company in Dallas has years of experience and a team of commercial construction experts including accountants, engineers, and other principals available to ensure you get the construction financing right for your goals.

Our Dallas-based construction financing company can lend nationwide. Contact our mortgage advisors with any questions about our construction loan offerings.

Financing Options

Dallas construction loans help borrowers build, expand, reposition, or rehabilitate properties in the Dallas area. These new building loans may be used for construction related expenses such equipment, building materials, or employee costs related to the project, in addition to the building itself. Construction loans may be applied for by anyone investing time and money in construction projects, including contractors or small business owners. Typically, there are two types of construction financing, although for some development projects a single loan may be used. To speak to one of our experienced Dallas new building lenders for a construction loan, call us today!

Option 1. Short term construction financing

Short-term construction financing fulfills the needs of the project during the construction and lease up phase. Generally, this loan will be replaced with longer-term financing when the project is ready.

Option 2. Long term permanent construction financing

Projects that are stabilized and leased up to the market level of occupancy use long-term financing to “take out” the shorter-term construction loan and put new financing in place.