Buy & Hold Programs

Our Buy and Hold loans are specifically suited for long-term real estate investments. GenWealth’s Buy and Hold program financing options are perfect for these situations.

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What is a Buy & Hold Program?

This is for investors looking to hold their properties for an extended period, usually more than 3 years. Our private money, Buy & Hold financing lenders offer lower interest rates that you can lock in and we offer 30-year amortization. This will allow you to pay down your mortgage and gain equity in your property.

Our Buy & Hold Program’s rates can compete with national banks and we are willing to lend to those who place emphasis on quick closings. GenWealth has experience working with a large network of lenders and financing organizations. This gives us flexibility when it comes to financing buy and hold programs. There are many loan options to choose from. Our Buy and Hold loan financing for real estate is uniquely designed to accommodate the specific needs of many commercial projects.

Financial decisions around buy and hold programs are often hard to predict. Buy and hold loans are long-term to accommodate the nature of this industry. GenWealth’s Buy and Hold loan financing service will connect you with lenders who specialize in this area. We make long- term loans easy and simple. With help from GenWealth’s expert team, your buy and hold venture can gain financial security. Our number one goal is to help our clients succeed in whatever they do. Contact our professional long-term mortgage financing firm today for more information.

General Info & Details

Loan for Single Family Residences (Investment Properties only), 2-4 Units, Condos, and Townhomes. No experience needed. Loans available for first timers or experienced investors

  • Loan Amount: $75,000 to $2,000,000
  • Minimum Property Value: $120,000
  • Minimum Credit Score: 600
  • Lending Area: Nationwide
  • Transactions: Purchase, Refinance/Term, Cash Out
  • Max Purchase Loan to Value: 80%
  • Max Refinance/Cash Out: 75%
  • Terms: Up to 30-year amortization
  • Interest Rate:
    • Starting at 5.25% for Single Rental Loans
    • Starting at 4.95% for Rental Portfolio
  • Loans approved with only bank statements.
  • We close within 30 Days

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